Diamond Dealer

Achieve Quick and Reliable Success

As a Diamond Dealer, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a turn-key solution that will help secure quick wins and accelerated growth vs alternative investment programs.

Benefits of the Diamond Dealer Program


Access to our National & Preferred accounts, non-acute healthcare contracts, SLED agreements, as well as receive digital inbound SEO and PPC leads.

Exclusive Access

We guarantee exclusive product access of top-of-the-line COVID-secure Waterlogic water dispensers.

Protected Territory

You will be the only one selling our best-in-class Waterlogic coolers WL7 FW and WL2 FW exclusively.

CRM System

We provide a pre-built Salesforce CRM system to help you earn consistent monthly recurring revenue.

Custom ERP

Our Watertight ERP software system gives you a custom ERP and preferred pricing to manage your routing.

Automate your Service Calls

QuickBooks software to help you manage your business and automate your service calls.

Extensive Trainings

We assist you with an extensive training program which includes world-class training for sales management and technical training.

Exit Strategy

We are so invested in your success that we offer a 5-year and a 10-year exit strategy.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Join us in transforming the water market and be on the forefront of a wave of change.

As a Diamond Dealer, you will not only be offering your customers a cheaper and better solution to their company’s hydration needs, you will offer them a stake in protecting our future.